A Radical Place

Sendai Report

Mission statement is the research into the position and role of international exchange and collaboration based in Berlin:
A Radical Place simultaneously through 2011 and 2012. The focus is on local issues, hybrid culture and artistic forms. The objective is to expand the concept of public art projects, independent art communities and art industries, creating concept of art necessary for mixing various elements and forming relationship by doing various interaction produced according to the area, venue and context studied by artist and curator.
Therefore it is posed against a background of large-scale economic, catastrophic and geopolitical changes that have taken place world-wide over the last years and the way in which artists have responded by developing new strategies that have transferred the emphasis from a processes and experiences. How does this affect the role of art? How can we create context for interpretation and representation in an environment that is subject to continual changes?
A Radical Place invites hereby Platform Project in order to scrutinize critically and light-heartedly. Artists, architects and curators from Berlin and abroad will be invited to join other artistic groups in developing projects or creating new works. Process of the project has been launched on the website.
A comprehensive publication will be issued upon completion of the project.
To give the research structure it will follow a formulated cluster that connect theory and practice to deal with region-specific issues in connection to the local communities and urban environment transformation. Through the program of Platform Project: Sendai Artist Report we will be approached to the catastrophically experiences and situations of the invited Japanese artist during talk session. This scrutinizes the artwork as "Reportage process" in favor of a wider notion that incorporates contextual and performance aspects. This cluster is formulated in such a way that they provide opportunities for polemic interpretation an reflection with discovered issues. During the research, they will be elaborated and accentuated entering into divergent relationships.

This event made possibly by
Manabi Murata
Organisation and support by
Seoyoung Kim
Participating artists
Tanotaiga (JP)
Henrik Mayer (DE)
Further sponsor by
Japan Foundation
Japanese Embassy

Artist Presentation and Event View
(March 31, 2012)

Tanonteer by Tanotaiga
photocredit: www.platformproject.de