A Radical Place

Questions on Historicity and Place in the Work of Piotr Zamojski

The correspondence with Piotr Zamojski presents research into the concepts of deconstructed and bounded place. Piotr's work results from journeys between places, epochs and languages.
Seoyoung Kim shifts roles to join this dialogue after developing the project "A Radical Place" in Berlin, and now adopts a critic¡¯s position in an interview and discussion. One of Piotr's recent works entitled Rear House was realized last year in the backyard of Klaus Kinski¡¯s birthplace in Sopot, Poland. In the typographic composition sandblasted into the facade of an old brick house, Zamojski used words derived from Kinski¡¯s autobiography. Seoyoung Kim explores his term "passing time and space" in greater depth in an interview, which also examines theoretical vocabulary.

Rear House, in Sopot, Poland, 2011
Courtesy: Piotr Zamojski