A Radical Place

Donghwan Jo and Haejun Jo are duo artists, originally father and son. Since 2002, they produced documentary drawings and marble drawing series on events and stories featuring personal experiences and historical traces of Korea¡¯s modern and contemporary history, focusing on the totalitarian era. The artists¡¯ stories produced in 2006-2008 deal with the repression and resistance seen in South Korea¡¯s popular art from the 1980s to 1990, encompassing the 5th and 6th administration since Korea¡¯s liberation. The contents of the works consist of Korea¡¯s resistance movement, telling the story of personal adversities under the censorship and oppression of the military dictatorship. The on-site work produced in Berlin during the 2011 Berlin Explore Program of A Radical Place look at the reality of division, a shared experience between Korea and Germany. This work invites us to think about the present and future of South and North Korea, the only divided countries currently existing in the world. The artists rendered various stories of individuals, families and communities that have been divorced and destroyed by the grand discourse of division and unification in Germany. Also, this work will serve as a research that indirectly explores the process of Germany¡¯s unification through the lens of (previously) East and West Germans¡¯ perspective.

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     Courtesy: Haejun Jo