A Radical Place

Jaewoo Oh studies newly created signs and social context through by aligning texts in 2007 "Prologue Project". He has been working on a project, the aim of which is to create poetry with the titles of books in fields such as religion, science, economics, politics and art history. The functions of the book titles, as they become lines and stanzas, lose their original meaning.
Oh, in writing poetry with the titles, captures the essential problem of art with an acute insight. Here, signs could harbor multiple layers of meaning, instead of being confined to a single signified. Especially, semiotic tendencies are inherently polysemic to Oh : Oh presents a spectacular view of the psychological state originating from individual angst and experiences through the reorganization of language and sign-mediated communication. Oh has been creating interdisciplinary videos and objects based on his unique sensitivity, while working on pieces regarding daily communication.
Also, he is deeply involved in the planning stage of the program. He served as the art production in 2012 A Radical Place, taking charge of scenario production, filming, screening and special designing.

07 Film production