A Radical Place

International Conference on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage on the Korean Peninsula
from November 14, 2013 untill November 15, 2013
at the Asian Art Museum, National Museums in Berlin, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Warfare, states of emergency and social unrest can have devastating consequences not only for human beings but also for objects and sites of cultural heritage, as shown by the tragic examples of the destruction of the Buddha figure in Afghanistan and the severe damage caused by looting in the National Museum in Baghdad. In view of the politically tense situation between North and South Korea and the repeated discussions on the conditions of a possible re-unification, the current research project is concerned with the protection and preservation of cultural heritage on the Korean peninsula.
This first International Workshop on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage on the Korean Peninsula in Berlin brings together Korean and German experts to discuss, with reference to both historical and present-day examples, how the protection and preservation of the major cultural monuments in the historically important towns of Pyongyang and Gaeseong as well as of the art treasures in North Korea can be achieved and secured. A further topic of discussion is which legal regulations and other measures are required to ensure the preservation of the cultural patrimony in North Korea.

An announcement text, written and translated from German to English by Seoyoung Kim, to the Free University of Berlin
Organized this conference in support of Arts Council Korea and Embassy of South Korea, Culture Centre.