A Radical Place

Exhibition and Event

Topological Constellation
Art and Architecture 1

May 2 - June 30, 2014
(extended until August 2, 2014)
Die Neue Aktionsgalerie
Auguststra©¬e 20
10117 Berlin

Curated by
Seoyoung Kim
Johann Nowak

Concept by
Seoyoung Kim

Praticipating artists
PRAUD (Dongwoo Yim and Rafael Luna)
Ola Kolehmainen
Mariana Vassileva
Nicolas Moulin

Talk program
May 29, 2014

Matthias Sauerbruch
(Sauerbruchhutton Architects)
Murat Tabanlioglu
(Curator of the Turkish Pavilion, Venedig Biennale 2014)

Hagia Sophia year 537 IV. 2014
Courtesy: Ola Kolehmainen